How YOU Can Save Net Neutrality

The battle for Net Neutrality is coming to an end. The resolution lies with the United States Senate, who has until April 22, 2018 to overrule the FCC. There are currently 50 votes in favor of Net Neutrality, but #OneMoreVote is needed to win the senate. If this happens, the fight moves to the House of Representatives, where a majority vote will also be needed. How can citizens help fight for Net Neutrality? Well, we have found some of the best online resources that will point you in the right direction.



Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.48.53 PM.png

If you would like to join the battle for Net neutrality, consider this website, which already has a premade message for you to send to Congress. The site also has a page dedicated to showing you where each senator and representative stands – for or against net neutrality, and provides a link for you to Tweet them your opinion. Also touting a map of protests and video gallery, this site will guide you through the process of making your voice heard by the right people.



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This petition website believes that people everywhere should have the tools to have their voices heard – like an open internet. By adding your name to the petition, you can let Congress and the FCC know where you stand, and be rest assured there is power in numbers.



Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.08.12 PM.png

If you are looking for a monetary way to support Net Neutrality, this website is for you. The “Save the Internet” movement relies on donations to extend their lobbying, legal and organizing power. You can also fundraise on their behalf, or gift them a stock you own.



Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.16.29 PM.png

Maybe you would rather protest the FCC at their doorstep? This website lets you know how you can support protests at the FCC headquarters, either by participating, signing their petition, calling the FCC chairman, spreading word about the campout on social media, or donating to provide materials. The campout will be all day and night until May 15, 2018.


Whichever method you choose, please spread these websites and fight for Net Neutrality on your social media using hashtags like #NeedNeutralNet, #BattlefortheNet, #SavetheInternet, #StoptheFCC and #FightfortheFuture. For more information about Net Neutrality, visit our Twitter page:


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